The number one reason I would recommend somebody to Dr. McBeth’s office is definitely the staff.  The environment in the office is leaps and bounds above any other medical field office I’ve ever been to.  They’re very nice.  They get to know their patient—every single one—on a personal level.  They come in, they know you by name, they know your story, they know who you are, they know what you’re going through, and they’re here to be your friend and help in any way.  And what better place to come to and have sometimes some very difficult procedures performed in your mouth.  What a better way to go through that process.

Andrea “Roo”


The main thing I want to get across was how affordable it is at Dr McBeth.  I mean she made it very affordable.  My family has a very tight budget and she made it affordable for my family.  And then the second thing is just how welcoming she was for an adult.  That’s the biggest fear as an adult, you know: I don’t want to look like I’m in junior high again.  And she made me feel comfortable and she gave me statistics of adult:child ratio here.  And she manages other adults and she actually has shown me some of their before and after pictures and I was impressed with her work.  I mean, that’s the biggest thing – result.  You don’t want to look like a kid anymore.  And she gave you options where it’s barely noticeable that you even have braces.  And she makes everybody feel at home here.


Everyone loves my teeth.  Everyone’s always like, “Where’d you get your braces?” “Who did your teeth?”  And all of my friends went to Dr. McBeth and they all have perfect teeth.

Some of my friends went to other places and their teeth were not as pretty and they’re like, “Where do you go?”  And I told them, “McBeth,” and I definitely think that was the right choice.

Dr. McBeth’s office is the place to go if you’re going to get braces.  And braces make your teeth perfect and it changes your entire face, not just your teeth.  And perfect teeth is what everyone needs.

Amie and Katie (sisters ages 15 and 16)