Volunteering at the Children's Shelter

This past Monday a small group of us from McBeth Orthodontics had the opportunity to be guest speakers at the Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter’s new location. Our main goal was to teach the children about oral hygiene and we had a blast!

The skit we performed drew smiles from everyone in the crowd! We had two giant toothbrushes, two giant pieces of floss, and two buckets full of “water” (confetti) to rinse off our “teeth” (the kiddos). One of the greatest highlights was the rinsing off of the teeth. The children were covered in confetti and they absolutely loved it! All of us and the children were picking bits of confetti out of our hair for the next couple hours!

We all feel so fortunate to be able to share our time with such a great organization. It was wonderful to see the new Children’s Shelter location, take a tour, and see how much more equipped our area is to be able to take care of the needs of our most needy children.

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Contest Winner

Congratulations Lee Acker!

Way to go Lee!

Be sure to check out our newest “Guess How Many” contest which will be held October-December. Click on our “Latest Contest” link to see what you have to do to be entered into our Grand Prize drawing in December!

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Are you sporting that wonderful metallic smile this year for Halloween? Think you aren’t going to be able to enjoy ANY of your hard earned candy for fear of breaking a bracket? Well, have no fear! McBeth Orthodontics and the American Association of Orthodontics have some simple tips for what kinds of candy you CAN enjoy; and which ones would be better suited for donation to our 2nd Annual Candy Buy Back Program to mail to our brace-less troops overseas!

Here is what you want to avoid and perhaps donate to the Halloween Candy Buy Back Program:

All hard candies
All chewy candies
Jelly beans
Hard pretzels
Popcorn (including unpopped kernels)

So what can you have? How about chocolate, peanut butter cups, thinly sliced apples, gelatin, ice cream or anything else that is soft and able to melt in your mouth!

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