Happy New Year 2011This year, Dr. Susan McBeth and the Team at McBeth Orthodontics renew their New Year’s resolution to make sure their patients wearing braces and Invisalign and their families receive the best quality orthodontic care and customer service available in Rogers AR. This includes connecting you with the latest chatter from actual orthodontic patients experiencing the different stages of treatment themselves.
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Remember the days when you may have sucked your thumb or finger? Maybe you don’t want to admit it, but it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Most children suck their thumb or fingers at some point in their early life. This happens because babies are born with a natural sucking reflex that can turn into a way to calm or soothe them. As long as this form of comfort is a phase which eventually goes away, it can be seen as a natural thing and not too much of an issue. However, if it continues beyond ages 5 to 7, it can become a serious problem.

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