Orthodontist Dr Susan McBeth and the McBeth Orthodontics Team Embrace Change

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Below is a great video Dr. McBeth found on YouTube.  Our world is changing at lightning speed and this video shows us how the world is changing right now.  It is an exciting age we live in.  We are here today, but where will we be one, two, or even ten years down the road?  The information is mind boggling, exciting, as well as thought provoking.  

We appreciate every one of our patients we have the privilege to treat within our practice.  With our Blog, we now have the ability to easily inform patients, family members and friends on different aspects of orthodontic treatment and dental care, share with you what is going on in our office, and discuss topics of interest we feel you would enjoy… Check out our current feature video ‘Dueling Braces’.

At McBeth Orthodontics we work very hard to keep up with the latest developments in orthodontic treatment and technology.  We embrace change!  It’s what life and growth is all about.  

So, with that being said… watch the video below that has been viewed by almost two million people and highlights intriguing statistics about how our world is changing right now.

Leave a comment and let us know what you think about our changing world. Do you find the world today exciting or intimidating?  Also feel free to add suggestions on what you would like us to discuss in our blog… 

Did You Know?The most amazing home videos are here

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Amy Campbell @ 11:14 am #

Hello Mickey. I am responding to the new blog on our website. Please let me know if you received this reply. Thanks!!


Will Clark @ 12:34 pm #

The video was very cool and informational!!!

Whitney @ 1:25 pm #

This vidio was soooo cool! I liked reading all the random facts. I can’t believe the number of texts sent each day are more than the total world population itself!

Betty Engler @ 7:04 pm #

For someone my age (65+), this is quite mind boggling. I believe the facts though, because of the many changes I have seen since my kids were in school. This was really an interesting video!

Kaylan Melvin @ 9:57 pm #

It is fun to see and play with all the gadgets but it is also scary. Do we need so many new things and they change everyday. When you get a phone a new one comes out the next week.


Dylan @ 2:14 pm #

That was awesome!I totally didn’t know that!

Josh Katz @ 7:00 pm #

Wow, well that shocked me. Crazy how technology is growing so exponentially…

Lee Bell @ 9:37 pm #

I can’t even imagine how the world is going to be in 10 years. It’s multiplying extreamly fast.


Micheal Hackett @ 9:19 am #

It’s crazy , It seems that we have fallen so far behind the other countries in stuff. I wonder how we will ever catch up!


Amy Bracy-Codallo @ 7:12 pm #

This video was very informative. I didn’t know that the top 10 in-demand jobs in 2010 did not exist until 2004. I need to google this.


Kaylee Hassion @ 5:10 pm #

Our world has changed so much, even in the past few years… now, imagine how it will be in the next 10 years…

This video really gives us some good information and really helps us be aware how our world’s technology has changed so much.


Dreu Codallo @ 8:16 am #

It was awesome!


Kamryn @ 8:48 pm #

wow thats amazing


Maddey Bloomfield @ 5:55 pm #

That was interesting


Laurel W. Emerson @ 1:45 pm #

Wow! That video was awesome and very imformative. COOL!


anna griffin @ 8:05 pm #

wow thats amazing how many things are going on around us that we don’t know about imagine how things will be in 15 years


Audry Holman @ 5:28 pm #

Interesting video. It is amazing the technology that is available now compared to when my parents were my age.


mk miller @ 2:26 pm #

Love this video


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Andy Grove @ 2:46 pm #

@Kaylee Hassion: I think i found your camera and cell phone on the Buffalo River. email me if you would like me to return them to you. arkandy@aol.com

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